Blessings With or without a Bottle Campaign


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This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast...

Hebrews 6:19

Living Hope Pregnancy Support Services

We know at Living Hope that we have a sure and steadfast hope that anchors our soul, and we lean into this promise as we serve our clients.  Our main goal continues to be:  making a difference for mothers and their children by meeting physical needs as well as mentoring them whenever possible by showing them the love of Jesus.

One of our major fundraisers is the bottle campaign.  Churches can participate in one of 2 ways.   Blessings WITH or WITHOUT a Bottle.   We have bottles available for churches that want to pass them out to their members so they can fill them with coins, bills, or a check.  Contact us at 910-642-2677 or email us at: to make arrangements to get the bottles.  In addition, you can conduct the fundraiser without a bottle.  Please use the resources and handouts provided here to share the BIAB campaign with your fellow church members and don't forget to share the link to our website    


Fill a Bottle



$1 for each year

since we started



for client's first time @

Living Hope



for a complete layette for EWYL graduates

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to fill a bottle



Handouts Here

Help us "reel" in the Dollars

Point young mothers to the Light

Keep Hope Afloat


All Hands on Deck


Don't let the Ship Sail before you Donate


Boats in the Water

"Fill a bottle with Prayer"


Valuing Life Tool Kit for Kids

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